How to use the Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing to setup the Yamaha T700 for roadbook rallies
A quick guide to using our Mini-Fairing for roadbook events like the Adventure Spec Challenge

The Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing was originally designed to help 'adventurise' enduro and dual sport motorbikes. It adds wind protection along with a versatile and simple nav tower. However, we've also been using ours to help prep our Yamaha T700 for the Adventure Spec Challenge / Kielder 500.

Step 1

Install the Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing and remove the windscreen (or buy the mount without the windscreen). The T700 already has a great screen up front. The Mini Fairing has two handlebar mounting sizes, the T700 uses the larger 28mm fitment.

Step 2

Mount a F2R manual roadbook holder. This simple bit of kit is a perfect if you want to step up from the tupperware roadbook box provided by RallyMoto. There are not electrical components, but you will still have to wind it on by hand.

Step 3

Mount a trip meter. We've used the RallyBlitz app and mounted our iPhone using a QuadLock and RAM mount.

Step four (if you want to)

Add a GPS unit. The T700 dash is obscured by the roadbook so we've used our Garmin Montana 610 to display an accurate speedo. This is mounted on the T700 using the Adventure Spec GPS Mount.

That's it you're good to go! A super neat and easy to install rally system that won't break the bank.

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