Is it yellow. Or is it yellow?
Yellow screens.


Our Mini Fairings have been flying out of the warehouse recently, but it's not been all good news. 

We had a couple of messages telling us that our yellow screens are not yellow. 

Now, the idea of an unhappy customer hurts, so I've done a bit of research and this email will, I hope, clear things up. 

Firstly, what colour is yellow? 

This lemon is yellow.  

This dandelion is yellow. 

This Colman's Mustard tin is yellow.

This Dewalt heat gun is yellow. 

The same, but different. 

Here's where our Mini Fairing screen sits on this particular household yellow object spectrum. 

The closest match is Dewalt heat gun yellow.

Which is also the same kind of yellow that a lot of vintage-style bikes use for their race plates. 


1978 Montesa H6 360 - see more at

But, it's not Suzuki yellow, which is where I suspect some of the frustration has come from. 

So, to those who wanted lemon yellow, I apologise. I've tweaked the way the colours appear on our website, thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

And if yellow's not your colour we have red, blue, orange, white, black and clear screens for you

They bolt straight onto your Mini Fairing which quickly and easily gives your trail bike simple rally style nav mounting options. 

Perfect for a bit of lightweight adventure. 


Greg Villalobos

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