Mini Fairing Decal Sticker
There will be no happy face.


This is a sad story about a smiley face. 

A little while back I worked with a talented designer to draw up some designs for the new Mini Fairing Sticker Decals. 

You may remember this questionnaire that landed from our newsletter.

Well, over 400 of you replied. 

The results look like this:

So, the Mini Fairing community has spoken, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

We have listened and an order has been placed. 

But… two email responses to the questionnaire blew my mind. 

They went something like this…

“Hey Greg, nice designs but be advised, the smiley face one might land you in hot water if you don’t get the proper permissions.”

Yes it turns out someone back in the 70’s actually bought the copyright to the big smiley face

I just thought it would be fun to pull up on the trail and spread some positive vibes, but for the moment the big yellow smiley face is off the table. 

Our next round of Hard Parts that include Mini Fairings have shipped and will be with us within two weeks. 

I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting.

I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive. 

Plus you’ll find out which three graphics we decided to run with. 


Greg Villalobos

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