Which bikes does the Universal Mini Fairing fit?
A quick guide by some of our mini-fairing customers

The Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing is designed to fit the majority of small to mid capacity trail and enduro bikes. This covers quite a wide range of bikes so here's a few pics sent in by our customers to help demonstrate the way it fits.

If you've mounted the Mini Fairing to your bike why not send us a pic so we can add it to the gallery? 


A mini-fairing screen and mount designed to provide protection from the elements and give options for mounting electrical accessories such as GPS, USB, switches, lighter sockets and rally roadbook holders.

Odoo • Text and Image

How to use the Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing to setup the Yamaha T700 for roadbook rallies
A quick guide to using our Mini-Fairing for roadbook events like the Adventure Spec Challenge