Which bikes does the Universal Mini Fairing fit?
A quick guide by some of our mini-fairing customers

The Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing is designed to fit the majority of small to mid capacity trail and enduro bikes. This covers quite a wide range of bikes so here's a few pics sent in by our customers to help demonstrate the way it fits.

If you've mounted the Mini Fairing to your bike why not send us a pic so we can add it to the gallery? 

The fit is not 100% for the CRF250L, I ended up having to use a set of 1” bar risers between the arms of the mini fairing and the bars. This pushed the screen up and forward, enough to clear the OEM dash etc.

I’m really pleased with it, great quality and does exactly what I need!

Paired with the Ultimate Addons phone case/mount and the usb outlet, it’s great.

Cheers, Dan

The mini fairing doesn't block the view on the speedo.

I've mounted a “Carpe-Iter Pad” on the fairing.

I'm still looking and testing to find the right angle. So the view in sitting and standing position is good.

Even with the mounted Tablet the view in sitting position isn't blocked. If you are standing of course the view is blocked, but there is still the Speedo from the Carpe-Iter Pad.

I would definitely buy the mini fairing again.

The Mini Fairing fits my KTM 500 EXC ok, and you can see the clocks too

I had to modify my fairing kit, because when I was riding, I couldn’t see my speedo. So I mounted some metal brackets in between to extend it.

The product is perfect except for one detail. The arms turn too easily on the handlebars. I put pieces of inner tube to prevent rotation but if you could evolve the product, that would be great. 

Moreover, I had to file the ends of the arms so that the screen could be put in place.

I widened the central hole which allows to fix the screen (this fixing point is not useful, the screen is perfectly rigid just with the 2 upper fixings) to install the toggle of the heated grips.

I love this mini fairing..

Thanks for the work!

Plus an IMS tank and a Kriega haul strap and one of your bash plates. 

Garmin Zumo 396 on the mount. 

The seat re the tank is seat concepts so seat and tank are happy together. 

The mini firing is absolutely amazing! I love it. I can ride stand up, or sit, and always have in front of me the GPS.

I have an old Suzuki DR350. The speedo is covered (and is normal) but for me is not important. I have the speedo on my GPS, and say the truth... Why should you watch speedo when you drive in the wood? 

Well thanks a lot for your product! I recommend to all people i know! 

Works perfectly with a wr250r 👍

Me and my mate are really happy with the design. It’s a super engineered pice of kit

Yellow spacers are from the end of a nylon chopping board, my wife hasn't noticed yet. Spacers required as Rox bar risers fitted. (Ktm 690R)

The only downside is at 50mph+ I get a lot of wind turbulence around my helmet, currently trying a wind deflector on top. A disadvantage of being relatively tall(1.92m).

Due to pandemic yet to really use in anger.

I have purchased a mini fairing for my Yamaha WR250R.

While fitting, to get the best angle for the fairing, I found turning the brackets round gave a better result for me.

Vision of the speedo was partially obscured but I have since added 15mm bar risers which make it clearer.

I did feel the need to lengthen my brake cable to allow it to move freely.

Very happy with the results which give me protection from wind, allow for tidy mount for a Montana and power socket, give somewhere to have electrics hidden and of course makes the bike look great, giving it that rallye look especially when riding

Really pleased

Love the mini fairing! Simple and  effective what’s not to love thumbs up to AS!!!!👍

It was very easy to attach. I have also installed a mobile phone holder. I can't say anything about the quality while riding yet. We had a long winter. But I will keep you informed.

Here’s a pic of the AS mini fairing with Garmin GPS on my CRF450L as requested. The speedo is clearly visible but the break-cable blocks the GPS a bit. I solved it by tilting the GPS mount bracket with a few washers. 


A mini-fairing screen and mount designed to provide protection from the elements and give options for mounting electrical accessories such as GPS, USB, switches, lighter sockets and rally roadbook holders.

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