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Adventure-Spec Honda CRF450L Rear Luggage Rack

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Rear Luggage Rack Plate for your Honda CRF450L. Lightweight Aluminium luggage plate perfect to strap a duffel/roll bag to, or a tool/fuel pack. Side luggage supports match up perfectly and are sold separately.


The CRF450l is Hondas first fully road legal lightweight adventure bike to hit the market. It has some superb and unique characteristics making it uniquely suited to the long distance trail rider, but as with many such bikes even Hondas epic work can be improved upon a little for riders like ourselves.

Unlike bikes like the KTM690/Husky701 the CRF450l has a traditional box section triangulated rear subframe. Why is this important? Because it gives the adventure rider the opportunity to add a load to the rear of the seat without any fear of the fender becoming unstable and collapsing under the back wheel or damaging the fuel tank (which IS the rear subframe of KTM/Huskys!).

The Adventure Spec Rear Rack shown can be used with or without the Adventure Spec Side Luggage Supports.

Add an AS triangulated rear rack to the bike and the possibility of attaching extra fuel or tool loads to the CRF becomes a sensible reality (and with the slack steering head angle and longer swing arm it won’t tank slap at higher road speed either!).




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