Adventure Spec Multitool Pouch

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    The Multi Tool Pouch helps you keep your Leatherman style tool super handy on the trails. It straps onto all Adventure Spec luggage including the Magadan Panniers via the universal Molle Mounting System. The Multi Tool Pouch is constructed from super tough 1000D Cordura material and features a velcro closing. Weight = 43g / 1.51oz. Multi Tool not included.

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    Expand your Magadan Panniers

    Designed to work perfectly with The Magadan Pannier Mk3

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    Quick tools

    A great way to keep your Leatherman style multi tool at hand. Also a good fit for a small bottle of chain lube.

    Built for a tough life

    Constructed from super tough 1000D fabric (the same as our Atacama & Mongolia Pants) for long life durability. 

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    Molle secure

    Mounts using the tried and tested Molle system to the Molle webbing on The Magadan Pannier Mk3. Will also fit any other Molle compatible webbing.

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    Go bright

    The blue logo tab includes a reflective logo for low light visibility. Reposition or remove it if you need to go incognito.  

    See it in action

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    Made in the EU

    Manufactured to a high standard in our European factory. 

    The Multitool Pouch is a super tough military grade Molle pouch that is designed to help you keep your Leatherman style tool super handy on the trails. It is sized to fit popular multitools and is also a great fit for small cans of chain lube or WD40. 

    The Multitool Pouch either straps onto your Adventure Spec luggage via our Molle System, or directly onto your bike using our cinch straps. 

    Constructed from 1000D Cordura material, the ADV Layer Pouch uses a durable velcro closure. 


    • 1000D Cordura military grade abrasion resistant fabric
    • Velcro closure
    • Molle Webbing


    • 120mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 30mm (D)


    • 43g / 1.51oz

    The Magadan Panniers are designed to work perfectly with our Molle Pouches. Create your luggage solution that's tailored to what you need and where you are exploring. 

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    Designed to work with The Magadan's

    Our Molle Pouches are the perfect way to customise your Magadan Pannier Mk3's

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