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Hard Parts
Double Take Scrambler Mirror
38.00 31.38 38.0 USD
The Scrambler mirror is a new version of the Doubletake original Enduro Mirror but in a more compact package. The Scrambler mirror is less prone to movement than the Enduro Mirror due to the short length to the 1" ball. We find it best used with a 6" RAM Mounts Arm.
Double Take Adventure Mirror Kit
80.00 66.00 80.0 USD
This kit includes 1 x Mirror, 1 x 5 1/4" Arm, 1 x Ball Mount. The Double Take Adventure Mirror was made specifically for the Adventure Bikes that spend more time on the tarmac. Less vibration and more solid fixing to stop the mirror moving at high speed due to wind blast than any other mirror on the market. NOTE: You will need 2 x kits for left and right side of your bike.
Double Take Mirror
32.00 25.97 32.0 USD
The Doubletake Enduro Mirror - 1" RAM Compatible Ball (sold individually)! With outstanding visibility from the convex shaped mirror glass, a virtually indestructible body, and the convenience of a RAM ball at the end, the Doubletake Mirror is the perfect choice for replacing or adding mirrors to your bike.
Double Take Trail Mirror
33.00 27.05 33.0 USD
If you are looking for a low profile way to keep track of people off-road, the trail mirror is for you. The trail mirror mounts directly to your handlebar with a Panduit® tie wrap and sleeve. These are much stronger than ordinary ties and are UV resistant.
Double Take Adventure Mirror
38.00 31.38 38.0 USD
DoubleTake mirrors are indestructible mirrors for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Using the Ram setup for adjust ability. This is only the Mirror without the RAM hardware.
Double Take Yamaha / KTM 790 / 890 Adapter (Left to right hand thread)
7.00 5.41 7.0 USD
Right hand mirrors on Yamahas, certain Betas, and certain KTM bikes may require a reverse thread adapter. Some models (WR250s) are factory equipped with a reverse thread adapter
Double Take Adventure Reflector
13.00 10.82 13.0 USD
Replacement glass reflector for the Double Take Adventure Mirror, held in place with clear silicone.
Double Take Horizontal Split Mount
28.00 22.72 28.0 USD
10mm x 1.25 threaded mirror mount on horizontal split clamp. Allows mounting on clutch or brake master cylinder for most KTMs, and many Beta, etc.
Double Take Mirror Reflector
13.00 10.82 13.0 USD
Replacement glass reflector for the Double Take Enduro Mirror, held in place with clear silicone.
Double Take Split Clamp Assembly
7.00 5.41 7.0 USD
Double Take Mirror mount split clamp assembly, 10mm x 1.25. Adapts a standard ball stud base onto any 7/8ths or any oversize 1 1/8ths handlebar.