Our Atacama Race Jacket is a dualsport jacket that is specially made to work with your neck brace. 

Designed and built for the Dakar Rally. The perfect mix of comfort and safety. 

Motoz Inner Tubes
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Natural rubber Inner Tubes that repair and patch easily, a must for long distance Adventure, Trail and RTW riding. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t expensive for what you get.
Motion Pro Liteloc
21.00 21.00 21.0 USD
LiteLoc Rim Lock. One piece molded design made from special high-strength nylon composite material. Tested 10 to 20 % stronger than cast aluminum rim locks and only half the weight. Includes the new Motion Pro aluminum LiteLoc rim lock nut and beveled washer. Available in three sizes 1.6",1.85", and 2.15".
Motoz Tractionator Adventure
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The Motoz Tractionator® Adventure the ultimate adventure tyre! Designed by off-road trail riders for serious off-road traction. With twice the life of its main competitors and reviews that talk about beautiful road manners and superb off-road grip this versatile tyre has great options for heavy tube/tubeless wheeled bikes and tube type lighter bikes. If you plan to travel RTW on more remote tracks, check this one out!
Motoz Xtreme Hybrid
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The Motoz Xtreme Hybrid, a Trials Hybrid tyre with stiffened side walls and the dimensions of a serious off-road tyre. The Motoz Xtreme Hybrid makes the perfect low impact UK trail tyre with amazing grip over a wide range of terrain, great road manners and unbelievable longevity. THE tyre of choice for many UK TRF riders. Suitable for most enduro and trail bikes upto 500cc
Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T
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The Motoz Tractionator® Enduro S/T, the right tyre for maximum trail riding traction in softer ground and UK conditions (i.e. mud). Designed to allow you to complete long distance trail rides on a single set of tyres.
Motoz Tractionator GPS
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The Motoz GPS Tractionator® big mileage, serious traction and smooth transitions from tarmac through to gravel and dirt the GPS Tractionator® is the ultimate, versatile RTW / Traveller tyre
Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T
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The Motoz Tractionator® Desert H/T is a surprisingly versatile, super-tough, long-lasting tyre that has found favour with hardcorer ally racers and trail/adventure riders alike. Looking for something a little special, but without a crazy price tag?
Motoz Rall Z
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The Tractionator Rall Z tyre is Motoz answer to the Adventure rider who wants even more extreme offroad trail performance than their already stellar Tractionator Adventure Tyre - available for big Adventure bikes and smaller Enduro and Trail machines