Motoz Tractionator Adventure

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The Motoz Tractionator® Adventure the ultimate adventure tyre! Designed by off-road trail riders for serious off-road traction. With twice the life of its main competitors and reviews that talk about beautiful road manners and superb off-road grip this versatile tyre has great options for heavy tube/tubeless wheeled bikes and tube type lighter bikes. If you plan to travel RTW on more remote tracks, check this one out!


A fully featured adventure tyre with great road manners (wet or dry) and a load of off-road traction for the heavyweight adventure bike (150kg+) in the tubeless version, or the lightweight long distance adventurer (<150kg bikes) with the tube type.

The Motoz Tractionator® Adventure is technically 25% stronger than many other 'Adventure' tyres (think less punctures!) and has a deeper tread designed around a unique pattern with self sharpening blocks for better grip through the life of the tyre.

Reviewers have commented upon its amazing longevity compared to its competitors (often more than 2x the mileage) together with it's excellent road manners and unrivalled grip offroad in a range of conditions from sandy river beds to technical singletrack. So, if you're off to Magadan (Sibirsky all the way!) or heading out onto the unexpected twists and turns of the TransEuroTrail then these are the tyres for you!