The Adventure Spec Mini Fairing on a KTM 450EXC
By Clive Barber

For our recently aborted Spanish trip, turned North East ’Secret Cabin in the Woods’ trip Greg had asked me if I wanted to try out an Adventure-Spec Mini Fairing. 

I was planning on using my KTM 400 EXC, and initially said no as I already had a home made screen bolted on to the Trailtech headlamp unit I run. I ended up not being able to use my KTM, so used my Honda CB500X instead. That only lasted a day as I smashed up my bash plate (the moral of this story is don’t ride a road bike like it is an enduro bike!). So I ended up on Greg’s KTM 450 EXC that has an AS Mini Fairing attached to it. Happy days!

What I didn’t realise was that it was more then just a bolt on fairing.

Behind the plastic fairing front is the main feature of the fairing which is a steel plate with enough industry standard boltings to take any kind of satnav, phone mount, AMPS 4 bolt RAM mounts, USB, switches, lighter sockets and rally roadbook holders etc.

It’s a deceptively simple device, takes minutes to install, it just bolts to your handle bars (22mm or 28mm). It then provides a stable rally style mounting for at least 2 devices, and more if you use RAM mounts I would guess?

I have even seen a picture where somebody has moved their OEM speedo onto the fairing. It provides a small amount of protection, I would imagine, though at 6ft 2” it wasn’t a lot of protection for me.

Anyway, it works really well, tidies up your cockpit, provides a good value base for navigation/communication devices and provides some protection, I love it!  So can I still take you up on your offer Greg?

Odoo • Image and Text

THE Adventure Spec Universal Mini Fairing

A mini-fairing screen and mount designed to provide protection from the elements and give options for mounting electrical accessories such as GPS, USB, switches, lighter sockets and rally roadbook holders. The screen is available in a variety of colours. The support mounts directly to your handlebars and is available in 22mm and 28mm fat bar options. This will fit most small - mid capacity enduro, trail, adventure and dual sport bikes.

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