The new clear screen for the Adventure Spec Mini Fairing
Fits the CRF 250 / 300 / 450 and universal mini fairings


My phone tells me that this photo was taken on Friday 22 September 2017. 

I remember really clearly that I was trying to figure out how to make my bike more comfortable on long trips without having to sink a fortune into a full on rally fairing. 

I’m always up for a bit of DIY, but I think this was as far as I got. 

However, the exercise was not wasted. 

It got us thinking, there’s probably quite a lot of people out there that love the light simplicity of an enduro bike, and are busy in their garages trying to customise it for their ADV needs. 

So a couple of years later we launched this. 

The Universal Mini Fairing

Designed to be able to mount on almost any trail or enduro bike, help provide some weather protection, provide mounting options for your GPS, and not require a really significant commitment of cash. 

Also significantly less DIY than my early garage efforts. 

The Mini Fairing, along with our CRF specific models, have become quite popular and I’ve loved seeing how creative people have been in customising theirs to their own bikes and riding styles. 

So I was really happy to see this effort from Rupert. 

A clear version of the screen. 

And a pretty neat effort too. 

So I asked Rupert how he made it, and he sent me this. 

A bit of clear plastic, a bandsaw, a bit of MDF and an oven. Oh, and a lot of patience. Bravo Rupert!

And frankly, how good does that 450 look with a clear screen! 

So we sent Rupert’s efforts to our factory and asked them to work their magic. 

And they did. 

Today I would like to introduce you to the Adventure Spec Mini Fairing Clear Screen. 

It fits all of our Universal and CRF specific Mini Fairing Supports. 

Our first run of 100 units are in our UK and EU warehouses now, and should be in our USA warehouse by July. 

I think they will sell out fast. 

You can find out more about fitting options and buy yours here

Thank you Rupert. 


Greg Villalobos


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