Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers MK3

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    The classic Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers received a full overhaul in 2022. This (Mk3) version retains the classic overland styling that has been so popular with RTW riders, and is updated with the full Molle versatility of the new Adventure Spec luggage system. Constructed from tough 1000D Cordura fabric, the bags provide 64 litres (32ltrs each side) of storage that can be increased with additional Molle pouches. The Magadans are designed to be mounted on any rack system. Sold as a pair. Weight = 1570g + 1570g / 3.46lb + 3.46lb. Molle pouches sold separately. Waterproof dry bags not included.


    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Built for a tough life

    Constructed from super tough 1000D fabric (the same as our Atacama & Mongolia Pants) for long life durability. 

    Find out more about our materials here

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle travel

    Simple is good

    Back to basics simple design that favours ease of use and versatility.

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Easy to repair

    The 1000D fabric is tough but if it does need attention the panniers can be easily repaired with simple sewing skills anywhere in the world.

    Noel wears The Linesman Jacket and Linesman Pant (coming soon).

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Oversized buckles

    The large buckles are designed to be easy to use even when covered in dried mud. They are not stitched into the webbing so can be removed and replaced easily if required. 

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle offroad bags

    64 litres

    The Magadan Panniers are sold as a pair. Each pannier has a 32 litre volume. Total capacity is 64 litres and increase this by using our Molle Pouches. 

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags soft motorbike travel

    Add Molle Pouches

    Molle webbing makes it very easy to add our Molle Pouches and customise your luggage system based on the journey you are undertaking. Keep it simple for a quick overnighter, or add more storage for your Trans Euro Trail and Backcountry adventures.

    Special offer - 15% off all Molle Pouches when bought with Magadan Panniers Mk3!

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    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Use racks

    The Magadan Panniers are designed for small, mid weight and large bikes with luggage racks.

    See it in action

    Watch The Magadan Panniers in action in our latest adventure film!

    Watch the film here

    "Live up to their lineage"

    "The Adventure Spec Magadan panniers live up to their lineage as simple and sturdy soft sacks" - Motor Cycle News.

    Read the full MCN review here

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags racks

    Big bike friendly

    Fits perfectly on larger bikes such as the T700 using Adventure Spec luggage racks.

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    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Ready for touring

    Everything you need for a long distance road trip.

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Installs in minutes

    Simply adjust the Velcro straps to the width of your bike, throw it over, and secure with cinch straps. 

    Watch a film about how to install The Magadan's here

    Clive wears The Linesman Jacket and Mongolia Pant

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    Adjustable width

    Large and long saddle straps adjust to the width of your bike.

    lyndon poskitt Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags

    RTW Heritage

    The Magadan MK1 was designed by Walter Colebatch over a decade ago and is now in its third version. The panniers have become a RTW classic, favoured by riders on long expeditions that need to be able to rely on and service their gear as they go, including Austin Vince, Chris Scott, Lyndon Poskitt and Heather Sinclair.

    Find out more about The Magadan story here

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle day bags

    Add dry bags

    The Magadan Panniers are very splashproof but not waterproof. Add our waterproof liner or use your own dry bags to add waterproofing. 

    Special offer - 15% off Magadan Dry Bags when bought with Magadan Panniers Mk3!

    Buy Magadan Pannier Dry Bag here

    Made in the EU

    Manufactured to a high standard in our European factory. 

    Noel wears the Linesman Jacket and Pant.


    The original Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers were born out of a design challenge created by renowned adventure motorcyclist Walter Colebatch.

    “How do I create a set of soft luggage that is properly positioned, lockable, strong, simple and easy to maintain on the road whilst being waterproof with the look of classic luggage?” 

    Walter subsequently worked with Adventure Spec to develop and test what has become one of the most popular and acclaimed soft luggage systems for ADV Riders around the world. Time and again riders choose The Magadans for their simplicity and durability.

    They don’t look high tech or expensive, but for many travellers riding to remote regions that’s exactly the point. If they break through wear and tear, you find a helpful local with a sewing machine, fix them and then keep going. 

    Truly luggage for the long distance rider. 

    This is our Mk3 version of the Magadan Panniers. We’ve retained the classic styling and simple rugged design but added features that increase versatility. Most noticeably, these new Magadan Panniers now feature Molle webbing that is used throughout the entire Adventure Spec luggage system. This opens up a huge range of options to add Adventure Spec Molle Pouches that can be tailored to your style of adventure riding.  From RTW expeditions to Trans Euro Trail overnighters. 


    • 32Ltr + 32Ltr = 64Ltr total capacity
    • Tough 1000D Cordura Fabric outer construction
    • Roll top closure
    • Throw over fitting designed for any rack system
    • Molle webbing allows bag to be used with the full range of Adventure Spec Molle Pouches
    • Reinforced loops for additional security straps (not supplied)
    • Stiff inserts to create rigidity
    • Large durable buckles that can be easily replaced if required. 


    • H 380mm  x W 380mm  x D 220mm


    • 1570g + 1570g = 3140g
    • 3.46lb + 3.46lb = 6.92lb

    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags adventure motorbike

    The Magadan Panniers are designed to work perfectly with our Molle Pouches. Create your luggage solution that's tailored to what you need and where you are exploring. 

    Add your Molle Pouches here

    "There’s nothing there you don’t need – other manufactures take note."

    Chris Scott gives the Magadan Mk2 Panniers a thorough review in his Adventure Motorcycling Handbook and website.
    Adventure Spec Magadan panniers motorcycle bags travel

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