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Adventure Spec Mini Fairing
161.00 131.47 161.0 USD
A mini-fairing screen and mount designed to provide protection from the elements and give options for mounting electrical accessories such as GPS, USB, switches, lighter sockets and rally roadbook holders. The screen is available in a variety of colours. The support mounts directly to your handlebars and is available in 22mm / 7/8" and 28mm / 1 1/8" fat bar options. This will fit most small - mid capacity enduro, trail, adventure and dual sport bikes. Perfect for our KTM 450 / 500 EXC adventure kit.
Adventure Spec KTM EXC 2017-19 4 stroke Bashplate
123.00 100.90 123.0 USD
A rugged 4mm thick Aluminum Bashplate / Skidplate for your KTM 450 / 500 EXC-F (2017 - 2019 models). Designed to protect your engine from the most intense of adventures. Weight = 1350g / 47.6oz
Adventure Spec KTM EXC 2017-19 4 stroke Radiator Braces
80.00 86.63 80.0 USD
Aluminium Radiator Braces to protect your KTM 450 / 500 EXC-F (2017 - 2019 models) cooling capability in the most extreme environments. Ultra slim design works well with large capacity (IMS) and regular tanks so radiator shrouds are not forced out widening the bike. Weight = 600g / 21.2oz
Adventure Spec KTM EXC 2017-19 4 stroke Rear Rack
143.00 117.20 143.0 USD
Rear Luggage Rack Plate for your KTM 450 / 500 EXC-F (2017 - 2019 models). Lightweight Aluminium luggage plate perfect to strap a duffel/roll bag to, or a tool/fuel pack. Side luggage supports match up perfectly and are sold separately. Rated for luggage not exceeding 4kg. Weight = 1250g / 44oz
Adventure Spec KTM EXC 2017-19 4stroke Side Luggage Support Rack
198.00 162.05 198.0 USD
Side Luggage Supports for your KTM 450 / 500 EXC-F (2017 - 2019 models). These lightweight but rugged Aluminium supports will give you the base you need for mounting regular throw-over pannier style saddlebags such as our Magadan Panniers. Designed to work with our Rear Rack which is sold separately. Weight = 1890g / 66.6oz
Adventure-Spec Bashplate KTM 250/350 XC-F 2011+ EXC-F/XCF-W 2012+
131.00 107.01 131.0 USD
Our KTM bash / skid plate is designed to protect your engine sump, exhausts and frame rails from impact and slides. Made from 4mm thick aircraft grade aluminium for strength and weight saving.
Adventure-Spec Bashplate KTM 250/300 xc/exc/xc-w 2011-2014
118.00 96.83 118.0 USD
Adventure Spec aluminium Bashplate / skidplate for KTM 250 / 300 XC/EXC / XC-W 2011-2014.
F2R CR004 - Mounting Kit for KTM EXC multi-function remote
57.00 46.88 57.0 USD
Mounting kit to install KTM EXC multi-function remote (Kill-Button,Horn & Lights) on top of our CR001 combo remote.