Motion Pro Trail Tool
72.00 72.00 72.0 USD
Unquestionably one of the finest lightweight all purpose tools ever designed. No travel tool kit is complete without this multi tool.
Adventure-Spec Honda CRF450L Mini Fairing
117.00 117.00 117.0 USD
A mini-fairing for your CRF450L designed to provide protection from the elements and options for mounting electrical accessories such as GPS, USB, switches, lighter sockets and rally roadbook holders. The screen comes in a variety of colours and the support mounts directly to your forks.
Double Take Adventure Mirror
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
DoubleTake mirrors are indestructible mirrors for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Using the Ram setup for adjust ability. This is only the Mirror without the RAM hardware.
RAM Ball with M10 x 1.25 pitch
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
The RAM-B-349U includes a M10 x 1.25 pitch male thread connected to a 1" rubber ball. The threaded hole must contain the following dimensions for this base to fit: M10 1.25 pitch with a 14.5mm flange diameter with a 10.15mm thread length.
Double Take Adventure Mirror Kit
60.00 60.00 60.0 USD
The Double Take Adventure Mirror was made specifically for the Adventure Bikes that spend more time on the tarmac. Less vibration and more solid fixing to stop the mirror moving at high speed due to wind blast than any other mirror on the market.
Double Take Yamaha/KTM 790 Adapter (Left to right hand thread).
5.00 5.00 5.0 USD
Right hand mirrors on Yamahas, certain Betas, and certain KTM bikes may require a reverse thread adapter. Some models (WR250s) are factory equipped with a reverse thread adapter
Double Take Base Extension
5.00 5.00 5.0 USD
Aluminum extension with 10mm x 1.25 male and female threads. Works with standard Ball Stud Base (10 x 1.25) to offer clearance around controls in some applications.
Tyre Valve Pulling Tool
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
Really handy tool that takes the skill and pain out of refitting tubes after a puncture/tyre change. Allows for easy installation of tube valves.
Stop Leak Radiator Sealing Powder
4.00 4.00 4.0 USD
Essential tool pouch item for sealing up leaky radiators, head gaskets, and freeze plugs on the trail. ABRO stop leak also inhibits rust. Simple pour in action will plug pin hole size leaks and prevent seepage.
Universal Fatbar Mounting Adapter
32.00 32.00 32.0 USD
Universal Fatbar Mounting Adaptor. Allows a 'Fatbar' (28mm) to be fitted to a 'Standard' (22mm) handlebar mount. Also rises the bars by 20mm.
Adventure Motorcycle Morocco DVD
24.00 24.00 24.0 USD
Adventure Motorcycle Morocco fiollows a group of friends as they pass through this land of iconic history and culture riding 2000km offroad through high mountain passes beautiful sand dunes and endless open desert.
Barkbusters VPS Plastics
46.00 46.00 46.0 USD
Replacement Plastic Guards for Barkbusters VPS handguards, includes adjustable wind deflectors.
Barkbusters Storm Plastics
47.00 47.00 47.0 USD
Replacement oversize plastics for your Barkbusters Handguards which help keep the weather at bay during adverse conditions on rally, enduro, adventure or road rides. Can be fitted to all our VPS handguard alloy backbones as well as to S1, S2, S4, S5 & S7.
Barkbusters Carbon Guards
131.00 131.00 131.0 USD
Carbon Fibor plastics for your Barkbuster Handguards designed for Street, Cruiser, Naked, Touring and Adventure bikes as well as Scooters. Made from genuine hand laid carbon-fibre, the Carbon is a unique blend of style and practicality to complement the look of your bike.
Barkbusters B-079 Spacer and Bolt (20mm)
6.00 6.00 6.0 USD
One bolt and 20mm spacer that fits between handlebar clamp and backbone for extra clearance of controls.
Barkbusters B-66 External Bar End Weight
55.00 55.00 55.0 USD
External bar end weights to go on your VPS handguards (not required for model specific kits supplied with factory bar weight replacements) Designed to minimize handlebar vibration.
Barkbusters B-056 Bar End Weight
37.00 37.00 37.0 USD
Bar end weights for the Kawasaki 650 Versys (and others). To be used in conjunction with VPS Hanguards (BHG1) and a standard fitting kit (BTC-STD) for a complete set of Barkbusters Handguards. Designed to minimize handlebar vibration.
Barkbusters B054 Curved Bar Clamp adapter
11.00 11.00 11.0 USD
Optional part for KTM and other motorcycles with hydraulic clutches/brakes (typically with a Brembo master cylinder). This part dramatically increases clearance around the clutch or brake hose area.
Barkbusters VPS handguard Skid Plate
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
Barkbusters VPS Skid Plate set. This kit adds a stylish finish to the outer edge of the handguard and protects the aluminium handguard bar from impacts.
Barkbusters Handlebar Clamp Kit (Tapered) BTC-06
46.00 46.00 46.0 USD
This design clamp fits around the control cables and hoses that often get in the way when mounting handguards. The offset clamp connectors can be swapped from left to right to position the clamp on the best section of the taper to achieve a correct fit.