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Motion Pro Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench
16.00 17.30 16.0 USD
Fork Cap wrench has an 8 point box wrench for removing the fork cap (cartridge) on dual chamber closed cartridge forks. (49mm = late-model Yamaha & Honda) (50mm = KTM SX and XC models with the closed cartridge WP 4860 forks (also 2011+ Husabergs!). Don't forget to loosen your upper pinch bolts before trying to loosen the fork cap.
Motion Pro Trail Tool STRAIGHT Slot bit
4.00 4.08 4.0 USD
A spare flat screwdriver bit to replace a damaged bit out of your Motion Pro Trail Tool, or adventure tool kit.
Dobeck Electronic Jet Kit
281.00 229.51 281.0 USD
The Electronic Jet Kit (EJK) is the #1 EFI controller on the market for installation time to riding with great performance. Plug and play does not just refer to connectors to make installation easy, but the EJK comes programmed and ready to go for stage 1 (after-market pipe and air cleaner) modifications.
IMS Long Fuel Tank Honda CRF250L 13.3litre 2017-18
295.17 392.71 295.17 USD
For adventure riders at heart or those who prefer being far from civilization, IMS Products introduces the new 13.3 liter / 3.5 gal fuel tank
Motoz Tractionator Adventure
0.00 0.0 USD
The Motoz Tractionator® Adventure the ultimate adventure tyre! Designed by off-road trail riders for serious off-road traction. With twice the life of its main competitors and reviews that talk about beautiful road manners and superb off-road grip this versatile tyre has great options for heavy tube/tubeless wheeled bikes and tube type lighter bikes. If you plan to travel RTW on more remote tracks, check this one out!
Motoz Xtreme Hybrid
0.00 0.0 USD
The Motoz Xtreme Hybrid, a Trials Hybrid tyre with stiffened side walls and the dimensions of a serious off-road tyre. The Motoz Xtreme Hybrid makes the perfect low impact UK trail tyre with amazing grip over a wide range of terrain, great road manners and unbelievable longevity. THE tyre of choice for many UK TRF riders. Suitable for most enduro and trail bikes upto 500cc
Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T
0.00 0.0 USD
The Motoz Tractionator® Enduro S/T, the right tyre for maximum trail riding traction in softer ground and UK conditions (i.e. mud). Designed to allow you to complete long distance trail rides on a single set of tyres.
Motoz Tractionator GPS
0.00 0.0 USD
The Motoz GPS Tractionator® big mileage, serious traction and smooth transitions from tarmac through to gravel and dirt the GPS Tractionator® is the ultimate, versatile RTW / Traveller tyre
Double Take Adventure Reflector
12.00 10.20 12.0 USD
Replacement glass reflector for the Double Take Adventure Mirror, held in place with clear silicone.
Double Take Horizontal Split Mount
26.00 21.42 26.0 USD
10mm x 1.25 threaded mirror mount on horizontal split clamp. Allows mounting on clutch or brake master cylinder for most KTMs, and many Beta, etc.
Double Take Mirror Reflector
12.00 10.20 12.0 USD
Replacement glass reflector for the Double Take Enduro Mirror, held in place with clear silicone.
Double Take Split Clamp Assembly
6.00 5.10 6.0 USD
Double Take Mirror mount split clamp assembly, 10mm x 1.25. Adapts a standard ball stud base onto any 7/8ths or any oversize 1 1/8ths handlebar.
Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder Billet Mount KTM Lc8
22.00 35.71 22.0 USD
Billet aluminium version produced by Oberon Performance will improve the mounting of either the original Slave Cylinder or the Oberon replacement KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder.
RAM Arm 3 inch
17.00 14.28 17.0 USD
Standard 3" long RAM arm with sockets to take the 1" diameter ball on either end
RAM Arm - 1 3/4 inch
16.00 13.26 16.0 USD
1 3/4 inch connecting arm with 1 inch ball sockets on each end for attaching an endless number of products to your bike. Powder coated cast aluminium and seemingly indestrucable!
RAM Arm - 5 1/4 inch
27.00 22.44 27.0 USD
5 1/4 inch connecting arm with 1 inch ball sockets on each end for attaching an endless number of products to your bike. Powder coated cast aluminum and seemingly Indestructible!
Adventure Spec Bashplate BMW F800GS Adventure (plus F650GS F700GS F800GS) for use with Adventure-Spec Crashbars (copy)
183.99 183.59 183.99 USD
Our BMW F800GS bash / skid plate is designed to protect your engine sump, exhausts and frame rails from impact and slides. Made from 4mm thick aluminium for strength and weight saving. Use with our Adventure Spec F800GS crashers for complete protection. Can also fit the F650GS Twin and F700GS with BMW baseplate fitting kit part number 71607704773.
Adventure Spec Side Stand Big Foot Plate Triumph Tiger 800 and 800XC (copy)
30.62 30.55 30.62 USD
Aluminium side stand plate that prevents your bikes side stand sinking into soft ground. This part fits all Triumph Tiger 800 / 800 XC year models.
EN17092 Jacket Armour Set (copy)
45.00 36.72 45.0 USD
This kit includes Forcefield Isolator L2 Shoulder, L2 Elbow, and L2 Back Insert. The Forcefield Isolator 2 Armor represents Forcefield’s next generation of lightweight, flexible and breathable replacement armor. The soft, vented design and capability to sustain multiple impacts with CE Level 2 force dissipation make the Isolator 2 series armor unique.
Adventure-Spec Yamaha Tenere 700 GPS Support
66.00 49.98 66.0 USD
Simple bar mounted support mechanism allowing GPS, roadbook or mapboard to be mounted directly to the instrument cross bar of your Yamaha Tenere 700 / T7 / T700.